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CX Passport: Airline Loyalty Customer Experience with Mark Ross-Smith

Let’s Talk Loyalty: Airline Loyalty Programs – their Role, Positioning and Potential for Even Greater Profits

Read the episode overview by David Feldman

AFF on Air: Getting an Airline Status Match

In this episode, Matt is joined by co-founder of and former head of the Malaysia Airlines Enrich loyalty program Mark Ross-Smith for a behind-the-scenes look at the world of airline status matching. Learn about why airlines offer status matches, how to get one, and more!

Listen to the full podcast here.

XLPodcast #28  Loyalty: How Airlines and Banks Win and Lose Their Most Valuable Customers

You might remember the 2004 Movie “The Terminal” starring Tom Hanks. It’s about a traveler trapped in an airport and unbelievably based on the true story of Mehran Nasseri who was stuck at Paris Charles De Gaule airport for 18 years (yes, not a typo).

Living at airports gives you an interesting perspective on life, and the humans of travel. My next guest on The XL Podcast spent 73 days living at an airport hotel (out of choice) to observer how we travel and how we interact with airlines.

Mark Ross-Smith is the founder of Status Match, a service that helps premium travelers transfer their hard earned points and benefits across from one airline loyalty program to another. For most travelers, this is a new world: airlines don’t openly promote transfers and many don’t have systems in place to efficiently deal with them.

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Cheetah Digital – Uncaged Wisdom

The conversation focuses on a recent blog written by Mark entitled ‘The Magic of Loyalty,’ which can be found right here on After discussing what Mark sees as the magic of loyalty, we also consider what travel and hospitality brands can do in the new Post Covid-19 landscape.

Uncaged Wisdom









PhocusWire Pulse

iFlyFlat talks with Mark Ross-Smith from Travel Data Daily

Loyalty Data Co – How to Run a Successful Status Match Campaign


What Can Airlines Do With Loyalty Data?  Interview with Mastercard & Qatar Airways.


Annex Cloud talks with Mark Ross-Smith from Loyalty Data Co

Annex Cloud





IMeetHotel – Mark Ross-Smith discusses ‘What Hotels can learn from Airline Loyalty Programs’


New World Loyalty Podcast #8

Practical advice on what loyalty programs can do in times of trouble.

Dots, Lines & Destinations

DLD 274: Inside the data of loyalty

Topics in the podcast interview with Mark Ross-Smith.

  • Just how different is “loyalty” in North America versus other markets?
  • Baby steps in elite status or other tipping points that make travel better and getting passengers hooked
  • Some interesting games that can be played with data and how programs are mining details

And lots, lots more.  Full link here.


Australian Frequent Flyer interview – Loyalty Data Privacy

The ACCC recently released a damning draft report into Australian loyalty schemes, calling out practices that it says may shock consumers and putting loyalty program operators on notice. In this episode, Matt chats to airline loyalty and data expert Mark Ross-Smith about the ACCC’s findings and recommendations. This interview covers topics including data privacy, the expiration and devaluation of frequent flyer points, carrier charges and much more.


Episode contents:

  • 1:09 – Fortnightly news round-up
  • 8:07 – Interview with Mark Ross-Smith

Full track and details available at AFF on AIR


London Loyalty Summit – Episode 3

Summary of key take-outs from the Loyalty Summit in London featuring Mark Ross-Smith, David Feldman and Iain Pringle.


Careers in Loyalty – Episode 2

The team looks at how to build a career in loyalty – how to get started, how has the industry evolved, where is it going and how to get ahead? Featuring David Canty, Phil Gunter, Alan Lias and Iain Pringle.


Brand Loyalty – Episode 1

In the first New World Loyalty podcast the team explores when loyalty is right or wrong for a brand, where have we seen loyalty work best and if programs are so great why do they close?



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