Friday, January 5, 2024
Flying Love Joy Freedom

Love is the answer for the travel industry

Something is absent from airline marketing messages in 2020. Something that airlines have spent the better part of the last century branding customers with. That something...
airline fly over city

The 4 Keys to Running a Future Successful Airline

The airline industry is on its knees and at the mercy of Governments, Shareholders and cashed-up billionaire investors who've always wanted to be millionaires. With...

Leadership Interview: Can Airlines Have Too Many Elite Members?

Can airlines and hotel loyalty programs have too many elite members? What happens to the core business when programs are top-heavy on elites? Does the core...
Status Match

Loyalty Status Matching – What’s the Future?

According to research by Loyalty Data Co, up to 60% of all Status Match submissions are fraudulent. With no way to know how many times...

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue The past few years have seen a wave of travel companies member accounts compromised...

Stop Chasing Millennials. Instead, use data to drive marketing

Some companies continue to chase millennials. Instead, using data to drive marketing could have much more effective results while reducing costs. It is amazing how...
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