Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Minding the Machines

Leadership Interview – Building Data Science Teams

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy Adamson, who is the author of the recently launched publication, titled Minding the Machines -...
Propensity Modelling - Travel Data Daily

Audience Fragmentation – Propensity & Behavioural Scoring

Audience Fragmentation, also known as behavioural scoring or propensity scoring, is a popular method of descriptive analytics which aims to calculate the likelihood of...
Qatar Airways

Leadership Interview: Qatar Airways & Mastercard on Monetizing Data

Data monetization -- the new loyalty buzzword?! Earlier this week I spoke with top industry experts on loyalty data monetization,  Christian Hylander from Mastercard and...

Uber acquires machine learning startup

Ride-sharing company Uber acquires a new startup. This time Uber is venturing into the world of artificial intelligence by creating Uber AI Labs, a new...

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue The past few years have seen a wave of travel companies member accounts compromised...