Saturday, April 20, 2024
Propensity Modelling - Travel Data Daily

Audience Fragmentation – Propensity & Behavioural Scoring

Audience Fragmentation, also known as behavioural scoring or propensity scoring, is a popular method of descriptive analytics which aims to calculate the likelihood of...

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue The past few years have seen a wave of travel companies member accounts compromised...
airline loyalty data

Monetizing Data: How Much is Airline Loyalty Data Worth?

Successful data-driven airlines typically attribute value of the airline loyalty data they collect within the loyalty program based on the commercial application of that...
Qatar Airways

Leadership Interview: Qatar Airways & Mastercard on Monetizing Data

Data monetization -- the new loyalty buzzword?! Earlier this week I spoke with top industry experts on loyalty data monetization,  Christian Hylander from Mastercard and...
Minding the Machines

Leadership Interview – Building Data Science Teams

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy Adamson, who is the author of the recently launched publication, titled Minding the Machines -...
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