Saturday, January 6, 2024
airline loyalty data

Monetizing Data: How Much is Airline Loyalty Data Worth?

Successful data-driven airlines typically attribute value of the airline loyalty data they collect within the loyalty program based on the commercial application of that...

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue

How airline loyalty programs use big data to drive new revenue The past few years have seen a wave of travel companies member accounts compromised...
Propensity Modelling - Travel Data Daily

Audience Fragmentation – Propensity & Behavioural Scoring

Audience Fragmentation, also known as behavioural scoring or propensity scoring, is a popular method of descriptive analytics which aims to calculate the likelihood of...

Could Machine Learning Help Cathay Pacific Save Millions From Travel Delays?

Aircraft fuel is without a doubt the biggest cost for any airline and often receives widespread attention, especially when airlines hedge their bets the...

Uber acquires machine learning startup

Ride-sharing company Uber acquires a new startup. This time Uber is venturing into the world of artificial intelligence by creating Uber AI Labs, a new...
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